Event media broadcasting: the EUROBOT example


EUROBOT pits high school teams and amateur robotics buffs against each other. Heats take place across Europe and culminate in a final series of contests focused around a different theme each year (e.g. golf in 2006).

In 2005, the European final was held in Switzerland. LAB TO MEDIA’s Christophe Guyot handled the audiovisual media for the contest, on behalf of the EUROBOT organisers.

Lively, colourful, festive, playful and definitely oriented towards the public at large, EUROBOT shows how science can go mainstream without losing credibility. With an event like EUROBOT, young people are exposed to science without the stuffiness normally associated with it. It brings together robotics enthusiasts, both young and young at heart.

The press relations effort netted excellent European written press coverage, as well as prime-time reports over several nights on Belgium’s RTBF, Euronews, and both public and private stations in Hungary and the Czech Republic.