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Services - 'the pursuit of excellence'

Pursuit of excellence - the ultimate goal - is noble but never guaranteed.

To succeed, every bit of work must be scrupulously analysed, over and over.
At LAB TO MEDIA, we apply this degree of attention to everything we do.

We are aware that truly great communications are redefined by new technologies and an ever-changing scientific environment. Innovation today was research yesterday and could be a new product tomorrow or inspiration for fresh innovation next week, month or year.

In the pursuit of excellence, you have to always be on duty!

SHARING KNOWLEDGE: communication advice

Are you managing research or the launch of an innovative product?
Are you managing an international team for a project requiring communication activities?
Are you looking for partners, distribution channels and public funds to develop your products and services?
Are you conducting research and striving for creative and rational solutions to promote your activities?

LAB TO MEDIA can help you with your media relations and communications:

  • Audits and evaluation
  • Analysis of the context of R&D, the market, stakes and European assistance programmes
  • Strategic dialogue
  • Product reviews and recommendations
  • Establishing tactical plans
  • Cost analysis of products and services
  • Market preparation (for new products and services)
  • Dissemination
  • Implementing corporate communications tools
  • Evaluation and performance measurement
  • Reporting

KNOWLEDGE AND KNOW-HOW: coaching for communication

Are you a researcher, business leader, person in charge of R&D or international project coordinator? Do you need to communicate with the public at large, the media, your peers, or political and financial decision-makers?

LAB TO MEDIA can train you in:

  • Verbal communication and techniques for getting the audience to listen
  • Crisis communication and how to handle the media
  • Dealing with different media: how to make your messages accessible to your target audiences efficiently
  • How to use communication tools (video, internet, radio, publications, press relations, etc.) effectively

EXCHANGING KNOWLEDGE: presenting professional events

The partners of LAB TO MEDIA have been working with scientific, environmental and entrepreneurial communities for over a decade. They understand that clients’ conferences, congresses and seminars represent a unique opportunity to meet with peers, their clients, partners and, of course, potential clients. Effective communication activities before, during and after these events are absolutely critical.

The experts of LAB TO MEDIA can assist you in the professional presentation of:

  • Science, innovation and sustainable development seminars
  • Round tables/workshops
  • Pitches, business development landscapes and networking events

They can identify and invite high-flying experts and professional personalities that will get media attention for your conferences and events.

KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY: searching for European public funds

The European Commission has implemented several financial support mechanisms for R&D aimed at companies and organisations. In 2007, it launched its Seventh Framework Programme with a global budget of €53 billion and running until 2013.

It covers a variety of research fields, making it difficult to find the right calls for tender and to answer them properly within the deadline. The scale of the work is often too much for SMEs, independent producers and broadcasters.

The consultants at LAB TO MEDIA, long-time ‘insiders’ to European programmes, can help you:

  • Find European partners
  • Identify tenders that concern you
  • Research the most relevant strategic angle and with your submission
  • Optimise your project in order to guarantee the best chances of success


Media convergence

The consultants at LAB TO MEDIA have developed and applied powerful IT solutions to a thematic, database-driven portal, providing a deep reservoir of audiovisual resources to independent producers, broadcasters and institutions throughout the European Union.

AthenaWeb, the European audiovisual B2B portal for research, was set up and is now run by LAB TO MEDIA personnel, on behalf of the European Commission. In 2007, AthenaWeb will become the first European broadband TV channel dedicated to scientific research imagery.


While 98% of Europeans get their information from television, young people are increasingly turning to the internet. The written press is also finding itself more in tune with the web. And all media today are powered by press agencies. For these reasons, LAB TO MEDIA created so-called ‘information clusters’ for its clients, helping them find the right media mix to maximise the news multiplier effect.

The consultants at LAB TO MEDIA have been working for more than ten years in collaboration with media representatives of all European member states specialised in science, the environment and European affairs. Knowing how they work means LAB TO MEDIA is in a strong position to advise its clients on the products and content that will arouse their interest.

Cost-benefit assessment

Today, each euro spent on communication must be justified. That is why LAB TO MEDIA guarantees a 100% objective and reliable analysis of the distribution and viewing figures per country, per media. Complete control of the process, and working with the most competent and reputable partner companies on the market, means LAB TO MEDIA can accurately measure the impact of each euro spent on communications.

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