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kathleen van damme

LAB TO MEDIA's consultants are the beating heart of the group: researching the subjects, identifying new opportunities and technologies, and using the knowledge and skills base to provide the best possible advice to our clients.

The founding group of LAB TO MEDIA was created on a common platform of international expertise in communications and a fascination for the world of research, innovation and sustainable development, gained through experience with European framework agreements.

Kathleen Van Damme

Senior Communications Consultant

After studies in contemporary art history in Brussels and Montréal, Kathleen continued her career in the fields of communication, audiovisual and ICT.

For the last 20 years, she has assumed the positions of audiovisual and multimedia producer and taken on advisory missions for the European Commission directly related to the media and independent producers.

Since 1996, Kathleen has led several European Commission audiovisual communication contracts, including Research DG's prize-winning AthenaWeb portal.

Amy Johnson

Consumer Marketing, Corporate Communications and Media Relations

With 16 years of experience, Amy Johnson has directed multinational campaigns in Europe and the United States. Her background makes her uniquely qualified to advise on and provide support for integrated marketing communications and corporate media challenges, including industry and commodity branding.

Amy provides independent counsel to agencies, corporations and associations.

Her services include public relations/media training, media strategy development, media relations, copy writing and crisis communications. Clients have included: ExxonMobil, Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, NTT, Ericsson, PlasticsEurope, TheSteelAlliance, Honeywell, the Research DG, Employment DG and Energy & Transport DG.

Her knowledge of European institutions and the related media climate is based on five years of work in communications in Brussels. Sector experience includes technology, transportation, travel/tourism, energy/environment, oil/gas and food/beverage/nutrition.

Pierre Oscar Lévy

Director and producer (Aune Productions)

Chief editor of the Archimède science magazine on ARTE for ten years and Pi magazine on France 5, Pierre Oscar has worked in all areas of mainstream scientific audiovisual communication (advertising, film institutions, cinema, television, web).

Among Pierre Oscar's directorial achievements, La grotte Chauvet, Le relief de l'invisible and Nano, the Next Dimension have been broadcast many times on television and featured at leading science film festivals. Through his films, the lives of researchers and their fascinating work are captured onscreen.

Pierre Oscar Lévy is a member of the SRF.

Maria João Campos de Figueiredo Faceira

After his graduation studies on art and art/education (specialization on communication), Maria made a European post-graduation on the field of cinema production.

She has made an international career as Researcher and University Teacher (teaching Communication, Creativity, Cultural Projects and Documentary Script) (1986 to 2004). Related with his researcher career Maria has created and developed an international film festival on scientific contents. Simultaneous, Maria was also TV producer (from 1999 till 2006).

Recently she becomes nominator for Descartes Prize Communication of Science (2004 and 2005) and external evaluator of projects on science and communication at Science Society DG at the European Commission.

Emma Beatty

Science Communication Specialist

During her PhD and post-doctoral research positions, Emma gained experience in scientific communications. She has authored scientific documents, edited papers and produced and managed web sites. These outputs covered a wide range of subjects in biochemistry, chemistry and physics.

She has over eight years experience working in medical communications. During this time she has worked on a wide range of therapy areas and a variety of different projects aimed at specialists, non-specialits and scientific laymen.

Her experience, both in communications and research, allows her to quickly understand new areas and competently communicate them to the target audience.

Magali Chevolot

Science Communication Specialist

Magali bathed throughout his life, in the scientific world by parents researchers... Then after working in research units as agent administration, she was observed that the scientific world is a closed world, remains unknown to the general public and also that the different research disciplines are unaware of each other and communicate little..

Having subsequently, studied for the audiovisual production and writing documentary film. She sought to publicize the work of scientifics by making short films with their research in specific areas. She has thus gained experience in the audiovisual communication with research organizations (IFREMER, CNRS, Department of Archaeology, University of Montpellier), a network of relationships and a good knowledge of the community Science..

Recently, she created her own company "Terre Rouge films" that makes films Scientists in French Guyana. As part of this creation, Magali has received support from Europe as an Erasmus placement.