Media briefing on European research infrastructures, astronomy case

This media briefing was part of a series of press trips in July 2005, organised on behalf of the European Commission's Research Directorate-General to raise awareness of European research infrastructures and especially to promote the field of astronomy.

LAB TO MEDIA’s Christophe Guyot managed the whole show, from inviting and registering journalists, to making sure they had good contacts and stories onsite in Dwingeloo (NL). He was also involved in the follow-up and editing of the final report.

Journalists attending the two-day briefing were immediately struck by the visual appeal of the story and the unique opportunity of having access to one of the biggest radio telescopes in the world.

Facilities/material provided:

  • Video news release made available through APTN and the EBS network to several thousand television stations worldwide and available on a Beta tape accompanied by a 15-minute selection of shots
  • Engineering team at journalists’ disposal.
  • Unique setting and opportunities scheduled for interviews with leading scientists and decision-makers in the radio astronomy field
  • Significant footage was taken for use as illustration in numerous future stories.

Europe’s professional audiovisual media were well represented, including channels from Holland, Finland, Belgium, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Bulgaria and representatives of pan-European stations.