Media Relay

Over the years, LAB TO MEDIA has established and can lever its solid links with media representatives in all European countries. Names and contact details of thousands of accredited journalists - covering science, technology, the environment, economics, health and medicine, current and European affairs, and generalists - are kept in LTM's database.

LAB TO MEDIA's consultants are members of:

IAMS (International Association for Media in Science)

IAMS promotes the production, documentation, preservation, distribution and use of audiovisual media and materials for the growth and communication of knowledge in the natural and human sciences, technology and medicine.

WCSFP (World Congress of Science and Factual Producers)

The WCSFP is a member-run, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to celebrating the best in science production and other specialist areas.

Through an annual event and other communications, this community of broadcasters, content creators, researchers, academics, journalists and distributors of science programming have, for over a decade, shared ideas, insights, and issues of concern.

EDN (European Documentary Network)

EDN is a member-based organisation for professionals working with documentary film and television. EDN supports, stimulates and creates networks within the documentary sector in Europe.

AthenaWeb (The Professional Portal of Audiovisual Information in Europe)

This ambitious project initiated by the European Commission's Research DG was entrusted from the outset to members of the LAB TO MEDIA team who still ensure its development and evolution today.