Documentary Nano, the Next Dimension


Nanotechnologies and nanosciences are changing the face of 21st century research and innovation. The European Commission's Nano, the Next Dimension introduces this 'big science in a very small package' to a wide audience.

A ‘nano’ is just another measurement scale for incredibly small things. Or is it? The Commission’s prize-winning film opens our minds to the myriad ways that nanosciences can help Europe – improving our health, building stronger materials for industry, etc. With the help of concrete examples, sophisticated 3D animations, interviews with experts, including Nobel Prize winners Jean-Marie Lehn and Sir Harold Kroto, the film brings ‘nano’ to life – showing the latest breakthroughs, news, hopes and challenges researchers face.

The Nano, the Next Dimension project was managed by Stéphane De Swaef and Kathleen Van Damme of LAB TO MEDIA. It was directed by Pierre-Oscar Lévy, editor-in-chief of Archimède on ARTE for ten years, and produced by Ex Nihilo. It was recommended to European broadcasters and aired in 2003 and 2004 by more than 20 national and regional stations.

The 27-minute film has also garnered several prizes at prestigious science film festivals:

  • The Grand Prix du Jury at the Festival du film scientifique d'Orsay in France
  • The Grand Prix at the TECHFILM scientific film festival in the Czech Republic
  • The Award for Czech Television at the TECHFILM festival
  • The Award for creativity at the TELECIENCIA festival in Portugal